isle of palms


Don’t you love a beach town? But why are we drawn to them? 


A couple places are close to my heart because of personal connections. But others are just fun to visit because I love to explore.It’s not just the beach I love, but the ‘feel’ of being in a beach town. It could be the fresh ocean air, the fact that I’m on vacation, or maybe it just seems like a lower-stress way of life. Who knows?

  • The laid-back vibe. People in beach towns seem nicer. Maybe they ARE happier because they live at the beach?
  • Interesting shops. Often a mix of little ‘beachy’ stores with local souvenirs, maybe a book store, a t-shirt shop, and a couple of high-end stores with a sophisticated coastal vibe. I like the variety.
  • Ease of getting around. I love a vacation when I can leave the car in the driveway, ride a bike, or walk to restaurants and shops. Or at least around via a golf cart. Those are always fun for both kids and adults. 
  • The pace. It feels slower and less hectic in a beach town, even in the summertime.
  • The energy. I know I just said I like the slower pace. But even with a slower pace comes a certain level of positive, happy energy. I love a beach town with a mix of teenagers flirting with each other, babies in their sun hats, retired couples sitting outside with a cocktail, and families eating seafood dinners together. 



  • Local seafood. Our family eats fresh seafood as often as we can, whether in a ‘dive’ known for its shrimp, a water view restaurant with white tablecloths, or a Lowcountry boil cooked at home.

  • Gorgeous views. I love ending the day on a rooftop in a beach town. Preferably with a cold Corona Light and a beautiful sunset. I’m sure sunrises are lovely over the Atlantic, but I have to admit, I’ve only seen a few. Inspiration for painting, for sure.
  • Ice Cream. All beach towns have at least one ice cream shop, right? I love seeing families with multiple generations cooling off with a sundae or cone and lingering outside together after a day on the beach. 
  • Local entertainment. Whether you like the local theatre or a live band, there is always something fun and relaxing to do in the evenings in a little beach town.


  • Breakfast. And I don’t always have a bloody mary. Especially one like this one. Usually, there is a nice diner for a ‘bacon and egg’ or pancake breakfast. It became a family tradition for us when I was younger, especially on rainy days.
  • Charm. I love the charming architecture, charming restaurants, and charming people in a beach town.

  • Boats. Boats in the harbor, boats in the marina, boats in the water. Even if I’m not on one, I like looking at boats, reading their interesting names, and sometimes painting them. 

  • The beach. Of course!

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